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Aphorisms on Love and Hate, Nietzsche Friedrich
Truly Madly Guilty, Moriarty Liane

We must learn to love, learn to be kind, and this from our earliest youth ... Likewise, hatred must be learned and nurtured, if one wishes to become a ... więcej

Six responsible adults, two best friends - and one day that changes everything. 'This is a story which begins with a barbecue in the suburbs. . .' By ... więcej

Sapiens, Harari Yuval Noah
37,80 zł 33,60 zł
The girl in the woods, Lackberg Camilla

Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old. In just a fraction of that time, one species among countless others has conquered it. Us. We are the most advanced ... więcej

No. 1 international bestseller and Swedish crime sensation Camilla Lackberg’s new psychological thriller featuring Detective Patrik Hedström ... więcej

Bleak House, Dickens Charles
Bleak House
11,60 zł 10,30 zł
Half of a yellow sun, Adichie Chimamanda Ngozi

Bleak House is one of Dickens' finest achievements, establishing his reputation as a serious and mature novelist, as well as a brilliant comic writer. ... więcej

WINNER OF THE BAILEYS PRIZE BEST OF THE BEST Winner of the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction 2007, this is a heartbreaking, exquisitely written literary ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Towar czasowo niedostępny
Business Phrases, Collocations and Metaphors. Glossary with Practice and Answer Key, Jendrych Elżbieta
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz z podręcznym słownikiem angielsko-polskim, Baum L. Frank

The book comprises three glossaries grouped semantically into nine sections, such as e.g. Business Environment, Management, Employment, Finance and Banking ... więcej

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz z podręcznym słownikiem angielsko-polskim (Czarnoksiężnik z Krainy Oz) to powieść zaliczana do ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Towar czasowo niedostępny
Belonging The Story of the Jews 1492-1900, Schama Simon
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Foer Jonathan Safran

LONGLISTED FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE The Jewish story is a history that is about, and for, all of us. And in our own time of anxious arrivals and enforced ... więcej

When his father is killed in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centre, Oskar sets out to solve the mystery of a key he disovers in his father's ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Towar czasowo niedostępny
Anna Karenina, Tolstoy Leo
Anna Karenina
11,60 zł 10,30 zł
Colloquial Latvian,

Anna Karenina is one of the most loved and memorable heroines of literature. Her overwhelming charm dominates a novel of unparalleled richness and density. ... więcej

This new edition of Colloquial Latvian has been completely rewritten to make learning Latvian easier and more enjoyable than ever before! Specially ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Towar czasowo niedostępny
Architectural Material & Detail Structure Wood, Buhler Bernard
Ghosts, James M. R.
15,80 zł 14,10 zł

This book explores the varied ways in which wood is used in contemporary architecture, showcasing a wide selection of architectural achievements from across ... więcej

A high-pitched laugh echoes in an empty church. Servants discover their master dead in his bed, the only sign of disturbance an open window. The coffin ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
The Son, Nesbo Jo
The Son
43,00 zł 38,30 zł
In Praise of Idleness, Russell Bertrand

SONny is a model prisoner. Inspector Kirk Thomas is a dedicated police officer. They are connected by SONny's father, who was Kirk's best friend. Both ... więcej

Intolerance and bigotry lie at the heart of all human suffering. So claims Bertrand Russell at the outset of In Praise of Idleness, a collection of essays ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Towar czasowo niedostępny
Dame de pique, Pouchkine Alexandre
Peter Rabbit 10-book Library, Potter Beatrix

Czy królowa pik to urzekająca kobieta, która w Paryżu za czasów Richelieu w tajemniczy sposób wraca do utraconej ... więcej

Peter Rabbit 10-book Library: -The tale of Peter Rabbit - The tale of Squirrel Nutkin - The Tailor of Gloucester - The tale of Benjamin Bunny - The ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Towar czasowo niedostępny
Colloquial Spanish The Complete Course for Beginners, Alday Untza Otaola
Debt: The First 5000 Years, Hakemy Sulaiman

Colloquial Spanish: The Complete Course for Beginners has been carefully developed by an experienced teacher to provide a step-by-step course to Spanish ... więcej

Debt is one of the great subjects of our day, and understanding the way that it not only fuels economic growth, but can also be used as a means of generating ... więcej

Towar czasowo niedostępny
Towar czasowo niedostępny
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