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The Future of British Foreign Policy, Hill Christopher
Syria: A Modern History, Lesch David W.

Since 1945, Britain has had to cope with a slow descent from international primacy. The decline in global influence was intended to be offset by the United ... więcej

Today Syria is a country known for all the wrong reasons: civil war, vicious sectarianism, and major humanitarian crisis. But how did this once rich, multi-cultural ... więcej

Russia's Futures, Sakwa Richard
Thinking Good, Feeling Better, Stallard Paul

Russia is back as a major force in global politics, but what does this mean? Is Russia the dangerous revisionist foe that meddles in Western elections ... więcej

Instructional resource for mental health clinicians on using cognitive behavioural therapy with adolescents and young adults This book complements ... więcej

Political Communication, Davis Aeron
Project Management, Meredith Jack R., Mantel Samuel J. Jr., Shafer Scott M.

We are living in a period of great uncertainty. Votes for Brexit and Trump, along with widespread political volatility, are not only causing turmoil; they ... więcej

Projects continue to grow larger, increasingly strategic, and more complex, with greater collaboration, instant feedback, specialization, and an ever-expanding ... więcej

Process Dynamics and Control, Seborg Dale E., Edgar Thomas F, Mellichamp, Francis J. Doyle  Duncan A.
Anatomy and Physiology For Dummies, Odya Erin, Norris Maggie A.

The new 4th edition of Seborg’s Process Dynamics and Control provides full topical coverage for process control courses in the chemical engineering ... więcej

Learn about the human body from the inside out Some people think that knowing about what goes on inside the human body can sap life of its mystery—which ... więcej

Barry's Advanced Construction of Buildings, Emmitt Stephen
Survival for Beginners, Towell Colin
Survival for Beginners
58,00 zł 51,60 zł

The updated edition of the authoritative and comprehensive guide to construction practice The revised fourth edition of Barry's Advanced Construction ... więcej

This essential survival guide for intrepid young explorers shows the skills and techniques you need for outdoor adventure, from maps and navigation to ... więcej

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